Posted: April 26, 2014 in Stuff
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Chain-smashing is a good way to stop chain-mail and laugh upon the common stupidity of a dead person posting on facebook, twitter, or even instagram. I’ve probably seen a trillion hoaxes like that since i was a kid and never once believed in the chains people come up with. Personally they are sick-minded to use actual events like 9/11 or natural disasters included in their chains. Even the usage of real-life people who died of murder NOT LINKED to the chain in any way WHATSOEVER!

In fact, the names thing brings me to the topic of the Jenny hoax. She used the names “omar wilkinson”, “Maria Marshall”, and “Keisha Jones”. There are obviously more people with these names, but 2 are living. Trust me i’ve seen all these Jenny reposts for about a month now and decided to actually read one. At the end it said “Don’t believe me? Google the names.” So i did. Only Poor Maria Marshall was an actual murder victim. But NOTHING to do with this chain. And she was not killed in Pelham, Texas. She was murdered in Oyster Creek, New Jersey. Her husband hired a hitman to kill her. Both were charged with conspiracy and and merged murder.

 Nothing to be scared about guys! Just sick people with technology and immature ideas.


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